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I am still alive. Wasn't killed in some tourist murder while overseas. Just been busy and constantly moving the past few months.

Anyway I'm opening up commissions because I'm need of some extra cash. Moving apartments really does break the bank severely so I'll post some official prices over the next few days. Otherwise, just send me a note with how much you'd like to spend or what you'd like to get drawn and I'll send you back an estimate. Hoping to do some work with some new clients so give me a buzz if you're keen for some work. As always, I appreciate the support from everyone and love you all heaps. 

So yeah, whats happened over the past few months: went overseas alone, quit my job and got a new job with better hours, moved apartments, anxiety still looming like the rainy cloud bitch it is, realizing who my real friends are, joined a gym because I am extremely unhealthy but have yet to started.

Plus watching a lot of the Wolf Creek movies

(If you haven't seen, don't be fooled by this man. Best to wiki or watch the trailer before attempting to watch it because you may not like it)
Apologies for inactivity!

Been working two jobs so no time for free fun drawing which sucks but I'll get those promised arttrades up shortly before I leave for America.

I'm going to LA and New York in a few days so should be exciting. Going to LA Zine Fest and hopefully to Wondercon 2016 if I have money left after this.

Please enjoy this in my absence

Anyone who hasn't done an arttrade with me before want to do one? Got some free time.

Giving some people the opportunity as I do have 5 slots available. For those who have had one with me before but still want one, message interest and I'll give the newbies a chance, otherwise you'll be given the spot.

For those unfamiliar with my rules, please read below so you understand the terms and conditions:
  • The amount of work you put into the drawing, I will do the same (If you do digital, I will do digital or if you draw 2 of my characters if requested, I will draw 2 of your requested characters)
  • Be precise in the physical details of what you want drawn (character designs, overall pose or what you want happening in the scene)
  • My only no-nos are drawing extreme violence/gore/sexual themes.
  • You draw and post first, linking me in description. Then I post based on your work (may take up to a few days but no more than that. I want it to be perfect for you).

MESSAGE IF INTERESTED and when I agree, we can continue with exchanging details on arttrade.

Pigletgirl (Complete)
2. Twilightzonegirl13 (Part received. Currently in works)
3. geekgirl8 (Complete)
4. ScelestaNix (Complete)


I hope you've all been good this year because Bambi Claus has got some new drawings and illustrations that she's gonna put up in the next week so get ready for those announcements. Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes I received last month. It's been a bit difficult for me lately friend-wise because I uncovered that people who I thought were my "friends" were actually pretending "being nice" and had no interest in me so I was quite stunned and have cut communication with them because I just cut toxic people out of my life now. So felt very lonely on my 21st because you're supposed to spend it with friends but your wonderful messages had me in tears because I care so much about you guys. Been working on my professional artist website as my digital portfolio plus been working on zines and comics for my upcoming trip (But that's for a later conversation). As always, give me inspirations or tag me in memes because I love filling out drawing memes. Not requests but if you see something neat that you think "Oh man Bambz needs to draw that" MESSAGE ME BECAUSE I HAVE A CRAPPY MEMORY.

Commissions are also still available so if you'd like me to draw something for that special someone (even if its just for yourself) I would love to do it. Need to save money because life is insanely overflowing with bills so give me a buzz. Go through my gallery and if you see anything you would like your work to be done in the style of, send me the link. I have the next 2 weeks off so do need to try and earn income there.

Commission prices (I should really update this table with examples...)
Commission and arttrade rules

Anyhoo, happy 25th December to you all my lovelies. I cannot thank you enough for all your support over the years and honestly I love every single one of you. SO FREAKING MUCH!!! Honestly guys, I love when you chat to me or ask for arttrades but I love the giving of art to friends. ALL THE FANART people have drawn of my characters, I have printed and have in a photo album because everyone is just so gosh darn talented!

  • Watching: Boxing Day Test Cricket
I have been so busy with my end of degree assignments and organising my graduation exhibition (which had a fantastic amount of people rock up on opening night) that I was suddenly reminded by someone that I am 21 on the 21st.

I thought I finally had my life in order but nope! I've organised nothing for this! What do people do for this glorious Occassion that is cheap and can be organised the day before????
I have a week off of university and project commitments so I'll have all this spare time to whip up a few commissions if anyone is interested. Send me a note if you're interested with what you want drawn or how much you would like to spend.

Also on a funny note, I graduate the end of this year (bachelor's degree) and my parents asked me what I plan to do after and I just:
Hey guys,

Sorry haven't been active as of late but real busy out in society. Lots to do, lots of anxiety attacks to have, you know the dealio.

Just wanted to say hello to all my new followers whom I haven't had a chance to say "thank you for flying with us". Trying to get through old messages but don't have a lot of internet.

I also had a pretty bad chest infection that had be bedridden for a couple of weeks so I wasn't able to go to work and now I'm trying so hard to have enough money for rent and my meds and all the bills I gotta pay. So this is letting you know that I am opening COMMISSIONS again because I need money at the moment and I refuse to get charity from my family (because they'll joke about it and hold it over me till I'm sitting on the throne of hell) and I prefer to earn money fairly through hard work.

I know most of you guys don't like my prices but even if you want a simple $5 bust sketch, I am happy to draw that. It doesn't have to be some expensive flamboyant scene. Simple things are awesome to draw too.


Please spread the word if you know anyone interested in commissioning someone like me, love you all, hope you're all well and doing hella lot better than me!!!!

Tagged by PrincessCarol this snazzy lady like months ago so I thought I'd better try it.

1. Do you prefer anime or American cartoons?
Depends. Big fan of Studio Ghibli and independent Japanese animation but big time sucker for major animated American films like Disney Animation and DreamWorks.

2. Out of all your fandoms, which do you think you would fit into best?
Always a loyal fan of Nightmare Before Christmas but think I would best fit in the universe of Harry Potter.

3. Who's your favorite actor/actress?
Major crush on Liam Hemsworth and Laverne Cox right now.

4. Are you sporty or non-athletic?
Don't do any freetime sports but do get impulses to run occasionally.

5. Do you have any obsessions?
Oh god which one should I announce on internet? I'll get back to you on that one.

6. Favorite musical group?

7. What genre of book/comic/anime/movie do you think your life would be?
Would have to say romantic angst/comedy.

8. Favorite season?
As an Australian, anything that is not cold.

9. Dogs or cats?
Dogs all the way.

10. Do you like reader insert fanfictions?
No and I don't plan to.

My Questions:
1. Favourite movie to watch whenever you're upset to cheer you up?
2. Choose between pizza and spaghetti.
3. Who are your favourite Marvel Superheroes? (Mine's Deadpool and Hawkeye)
4. What are you passionate about?
5. What has been your favourite memory to look back on in your life?
6. Favourite fandom OTP? Canon/non-canon/multi-fandom I don't mind
7. Any advice you would give to your 8-year-old self?
8. If you could time travel, where would you go? Past or future?
9. Have you enjoyed this quiz so far?
10. Between you and your partner/friend/family member/favourite human being, who is the trumpet player and who slams the oven door?

People I have tagged:
:iconbubba-smith: :iconillzie: :icondefura: :icondreamer45: :iconnanihoo: :icongroovy-gecko:
I want to make a list of AUs for Carly and Jayden so I can draw them. I've started drawing these babies again but before you can see them I want alternate universe ideas that you think would be fantastic for this couple.

Please give me your best or most creative AUs and as many as you can no limit here GO!

I've got some free time right now. DRAWING SUGGESTIONS GO!!!!
2014 was the year of many firsts and disappointments. 2015 is gonna be the year of change.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes lovelies. I am just getting to all of them now. I had a fantastic day thank you and I am officially 2 decades old. 

Curretly having a blast in Anaheim. Will hopefully post some pictures so stay tuned. 
Ah busy busy busy little me. Just finished most of my stressful assignments and getting around to answering message at the moment. I'll be flying over to LA in less than a few weeks so yay excited about that.

So just wanted to confirm who wanted to meet up in Anaheim in a few weeks because I need to figure out when's a good date so please keep in contact if you want to meet up with me.

Also currently working on those prizes from my contest and other stuff so stay tuned.

Thank you!
OKAY CONTEST WINNER TIME!!!!! I'M SO SO SORRY this took me so long but you know life being a total dweeb and whatnot ruining my plans for the future but anyway on with the contest. Now I would like to thank all of the entrants who particapted, bless you all for joining in and I do appreciate it. I've had a few of my fellow friends/artists look over the entries with me and we judged them based on the adorableness displayed in the Jayden-Carly relationship and I would like to announce the winner.


The winner of my contest is :iconicallitswerves:

It was a very difficult decision but it wouldn't have been fair if I crowned everyone the winner. Thank you to the lovelies who all entered, you will all get a sketch as a thank you and you have my eternal gratitude and love. As for the winner, if you would like to private message me and we can discuss your prize of a digital coloured drawing of up to three characters.

Now onto the next bit of news: I have just bought my plane tickets and I am going to be in LA (again I know) from mid Nov to early Dec because I kind of need a break from my country and my life here at the moment so I only met a few people last time but I would love to organise another meet up if anyone is keen. Though it will most likely be a day in Anaheim or something. I just want to gather numbers for people who will be interested in meeting this Aussie gal.

Besides that, I'm going to get to work on those thank you sketches and a few arttrades I need to complete.


***Contest closed. Thank you to all those who entered. I will announce a winner early next week. The other participants will get a thank you sketch for me. Stay tuned.

Hey guys, still got the contest running so you're more than welcome to enter! So get your butts a-drawing.

Read here for the details. Anything Carly and Jayden related counts as an entry. Just link me your work. You are allowed to include your OCs also as long as my two are featured somewhere.


:iconnanihoo: Carly Finklestein and Jayden Spencer by Nanihoo

:iconicallitswerves: :thumb481315576:

:iconyugiohcloudfangirl: Simply meant to be by yugiohcloudfangirl

:iconcrash-the-megaraptor:  CON - Carly and Jayden by Crash-the-Megaraptor

DEADLINE: September 30th.
*2nd Update* 10th Sept.

Okay I've changed the rules a bit. I feel many people want to enter this contest and its not fair that I've only done 48 hours for some ebook so I've extended the deadline for the contest for 2 weeks from now. This will give more people a chance and I want to see how keen some people are. It'll just be the ones who get their work in within the next 12 hours who will be featured in my ebook assessment. Thank you. If you have any questions don't be afraid to message me.

~~~~ 12 hours to go till ebook deadline ~~~~



:iconnanihoo: Carly Finklestein and Jayden Spencer by Nanihoo

:iconicallitswerves: :thumb481315576:

*UPDATE* 9th Sept.

24 hours left people. Every entrant gets a sketch from me (I choose which OC of yours of course) but the lucky prize winner will earn a digital drawing of up to three characters. Works are based on how much I think it conveys Carly and Jayden's relationship through whatever scenario you put them through. Any image medium is fine (even if its a photo of a pencil sketch) GO WILD ONLY 24 MORE HOURS TO GO BEFORE I CLOSE SHOP FOR THIS ASSESSMENT.

*Original Post*

I totally missed my 4th year anniversary on this site

But anyway, I'm making an ebook for one of my class assignments and I've currently left it till the last minute but we're focusing on our inspirations for our art making so I'm doing a double page featured to the fanart you guys have created of Jayden and Carly. Only problem is: there's not as much as I would hope to fill the page

I know it's kinda late notice but I'm holding a 48 hour contest where people draw the precious couple so I can include the amazing artwork of the talented people I adore on this site! I would really appreciate it if you contributed. And of course I'll offer a prize at the end of this.

CONTEST: Draw our darlings Carly Finklestein and Jayden Spencer.

MATERIAL: Any drawing or image making medium traditional, gif, pixel or digital. Be creative.

DUE DATE: 48 hours from now. In Australia that would be 9.30pm Wednesday night so you guys might have to do the configuration.

SUBJECTIVITY: Anything you want from cute dates, awkward blushing interactions to married life. It is totally up to you! Probably tone down any violent or sexual stuff, there are children on this site.

PRIZE: One lovely full digital coloured drawing of up to 3 characters.

I would really appreciate it if you guys would participate as well as help me get a good grade haha

ENJOY YOUR DAYS AND HOPE YOU COULD ENTER! Once again I apologise for the late delay but even if I get a few entries that would be lovely~
Okay so I closed the random hat draw chance to do arttrades with me. Don't worry if you didn't get a spot, the reason I did this was because I had some free time currently but could not do a whole heap. After this, you are more than welcome to ask me for opportunities (It just depends on if I have the time do it or not)

SO! The winners are ........... drum roll please ...........

1. :iconlilaym:

2. :iconheybay101:

3. :iconkraftyzombiekitty:

4. :iconkeljoy:

and lucky last

5. :iconpunkheart11:

Now to you lucky winners, the rules are simple: whatever amount of effort you put in, I will do the same. If you do only lineart, I will do only lineart. If you colour, I'll colour. If you draw two characters, I will draw two characters, and so on. I am happy with the subject of your trades to be my OCs. Whether it's Phillipa, Carly, Jayden, Dean or any of the other randoms I possess, it is up to you. I give you creative control of what happens in your work from how many characters you choose to include to the event occuring, as long as it is accurate to their personality. I can't wait for the surprise. You will post yours first and in the description have what you would like for me to draw. Sound cool? OKAY! If you have any questions or comments, just give me a message.

And I want to thank everyone who entered, I really appreciate that you want to do trades with me and I love you all very much. I really did draw this out of a hat I KID YOU NOT! It was really fun to do it.

So now I'm off to see an advanced screening of Guardians of the Galaxy with my sister and her friends because she always sees movies before me (because she always goes opening days and advanced screenings and such) and spoils them so why not be an awkward weirdo in front of her friends because I do not want her to ruin my precious Marvel films for me?  and I will leave you with one of my favourite MCU characters Mr Sam Wilson accurately portraying what happens after my sister sees a movie:

Edit: okay I know have 10 names down for entries for the art trade slots. I will leave entries open until Friday night American time. I have no clue when that is but Saturday morning here in Australia I will close the entries and draw the names out. I have given this extension to people who still want a chance. These names are literally in a hat and when I draw them I will post another journal with the winners and what the guidelines and other rules will be for the art trades. Good luck everyone and may the force be with you.

So I'm offering 5 slots and what we're gonna do is gather interest so if you're interested in doing an arttrade, leave a comment. I shall gather these and let's say in two days I'll do a random draw and whoever's username is on the paper gets a spot unless they pull out then we shall choose another. Sound good?


Alright you guys should know my arttrade rules by now: You post first and whatever effort you put in, I shall put in the exact same. Fair right?

OKAY! COMMENT AWAY! I will post again when I stop the entries. I wish you all luck.

I know you're all probably looking at my page like


"When is this girl ever going to post?!"

but I just want to bless you all for not abandoning a sinking ship!

Life has been pretty hectic for old Bambz here. So much has happened to me (both good and horrible) but I have soldiered on like the good sport that I am and I am a few weeks from finishing uni assignments for the semester so you know what that means?


Yes I have been scribbling every now and then (mostly commissions or anything that is not uni or work related) but I've got a few things I have backed up and soon I will be posting new pictures of all your favourites: Philippa, Carly, Jayden, Mother Nature and all the other characters whose names I cannot remember at the time but I will get the chance to draw them again!

So again: thank you to all new and old followers for holding on during my long break and I hope I have not let you down!
I know you're all probably looking at my page like


"When is this girl ever going to post?!"

but I just want to bless you all for not abandoning a sinking ship!

Life has been pretty hectic for old Bambz here. So much has happened to me (both good and horrible) but I have soldiered on like the good sport that I am and I am a few weeks from finishing uni assignments for the semester so you know what that means?


Yes I have been scribbling every now and then (mostly commissions or anything that is not uni or work related) but I've got a few things I have backed up and soon I will be posting new pictures of all your favourites: Philippa, Carly, Jayden, Mother Nature and all the other characters whose names I cannot remember at the time but I will get the chan